Most professional athletes spend 9 months practicing and 3 months performing. What's your ratio?

The average Fortune 500 CEO spends 3.5 hours per week on professional development.*

The most successful people in the world embrace coaching because it helps them grow. For some, it is a means of objective perspective on who they are, for others it is a source of accountability for growth. Coaches can help clients reconnect with the "why", reinvigorating their efforts, or help them achieve a better, more sustainable work-life balance.

“What kind of leader do I want to be?”

This question can seem impossible to answer. Overwhelmed, many very smart people abandon this effort all together, opting to spend time fighting the fire of the day, only to later find themselves wondering who they are and how it happened.

"I want to change ____________, but I don't know how."

Having an experienced coach’s help in crafting a development plan will reduce the time required and likelihood of failure. Knowing what to change is not as easy as knowing how to change. 

At Magnus Delta, we expertly assess and craft a development plan to move from who you are to who you want to be using a mix of proprietary and industry leading assessments and tools.

Give us 10 weeks and we will help you grow like you never thought possible.

*, How Fortune 500 Leaders Spend Every Minute of the Day, John Rampton,